Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

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Re: Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

snake_b will not like this but what about a Samsung MV800.

cinemascope wrote:

Thanks for your input.

But aren't you being perhaps a bit too pessimistic? Is the Auto performance really that bad?

I know she is not the target audience for the product, but that's precisely why I am asking this. Lots of people buy DSLRs and use it on Auto too. I know I can buy something else, and I have looked at the S100, but it just feels dull and boring.

Why do you think we are demanding and unrealistic? I just wanted something with a nice lens and a swivel screen, and there aren't that many options, so I just want to know how it performs given the usage case... The G12 and P7100 are even bigger and more cluttered so no go... The XZ-1 and LX5 would be good alternatives as they have nice lenses, but no swivel screen...

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