My Nikon lens adapter wobbles and disables camera

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Re: My Nikon lens adapter wobbles and disables camera

It is an adapter problem, not a camera problem, as others have already pointed out.

I've bought numerous adapters, and find fit tolerances on the cheap ones are variable. Usually the bad fits are too loose, but I've had a couple that were too tight. Expensive adapters are far less variable, but much more expensive. Figure $20-$30 for the cheap Chinese adapters, $125-$150 for much better Japanese and $250+ for German/Novoflex. You can 5-6 Chinese adapters for the price of one Japanese adapter.

If you buy cheap, make sure you can return the out-of-spec ones, and make sure it's worth your time to rebox/return the sloppy fits.

I don't think Fotasy adapters are any better/worse than the other cheap brands, and if you return yours the chances are probably pretty good you'll get a better fit back. I'd guess Fotasy is just branding product sourced from subcontractors.

Realize that each adapter has two mounting surfaces, and can be out of tolerance on either/both. Sometimes the body fit is fine but the lens fit is loose. A loose body fit causes problems with Oly bodies, slightly loose lenses don't cause much havoc, but they don't inspire confidence, either.

Note that the cheap adapters use fairly soft metal, I've had success tweaking the mounts slightly to tighten up the fit. Not recommended if you're not comfortable working with metal, or if you're a worrier.

Richard Biffl wrote:

I've been using an adapter...Fotasy Nikon-M4/3.

My camera's LCD monitor goes black, intermittently...there's about 1mm of play in the adapter's connection to the camera. When the lens rotates clockwise, the camera...blacks out the LCD, and disables the shutter.

I'm returning this adapter...Has anyone had better luck with a different brand of adapter? Is the brand OK and I just received a bad specimen? Or is this a problem that the camera will have with all adapters?

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