Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

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Re: Is the EX1/TL500 OK for my tech-clumsy mother?

I would check she is happy not having a viewfinder and tries one without a viewfinder in bright sunlight. The Canon A1200 has a viewfinder and might suit her purposes and is going dirt cheap so if she does not like it it will not be a great financial loss. You can buy Lithium AA's or Eneloops if recharging. Also Canon manage to use a standard USB cable which is great if she does not enjoy shuffling all the silly connectors the other brands insist on.

snake_b wrote:

Very honestly, I'd recommend you pick up any of the new Canons. For compacts, they are foolproof and pretty much great across the board.

It sounds like she's demanding and unrealistic (perhaps you are, as well). The cams in this class are made for tinkerers and not full auto shooters, and IMO, relatively deficient in jpeg output, especially if you're looking for an edge over other types of point and shoots.

There is simply no reason to buy this camera, or most in the class, if you're just going to use "auto". Then any benefit dries up.

It doesn't have a true auto mode, but has "smart", which bases around scenes and is hit or miss, especially for focus

If you must have something in this range, I'd highly recommend an S95 or s100. Otherwise, I'd simply look at any of the IXUS or A series. They really do work well and no lens cap.

"Clumsy with technology" will mean this camera is out for her. Honestly, you've basically answered your own questions. Just get her another Canon.

cinemascope wrote:

Hi there.

Do you guys think an EX1 would be an OK gift for a tech-clumsy mother?

She is almost 60, and uses a PC everyday for email, online shopping, etc, but although she somehow manages, she is quite clumsy with technology. She always gets confused on how to copy the photos over to the PC and stuff like that and forgets stuff after a few weeks.

I guess she can handle a camera as long as its on Auto, but the EX1 is "full of buttons", and I was wondering if you guys think that it might be overwhelming for such a person. She is known to give up on using "complicated things" only to go back to the old device, say, for example, a new mobile phone might be just "too much", so she goes back to the old crappy phone that's falling apart.

The main reason I am thinking of the Samsung is because of the nice lens, and the swivel screen. I think she will really enjoy using the swivel screen. She will be mostly using it for family photos, mostly indoors, and also her dogs and cat, and I guess our newborn, her first grandkid :). She also goes out a lot with her girlfriends, for cake and cards and such, so the swivel screen might come handy for self-portraits and such and might even wow the ladies hehe. She also likes to take little videos of the pets, and although this is not a strength of the camera, it might be good for her as her computer is not the fastest thing.

She currently uses some plasticky Canon Powershot A-whatever from 2004 or so and I think an upgrade is in due order. But I'd hate to buy her the camera, and for it to be too overwhelming, and then see her go back to the old crappy Canon.

Anyway, my main questions are:

1. How does it handle in Auto everything? What about auto-focus, white balance, the colours, etc... Is Auto OK indoors as well as outdoors?

2. What about the handling of the camera itself? Is it annoying to remove the lens cap every time? If I setup the camera a specific way for her, will the settings remain when the battery is changed and such? How do you feel about the camera's size?

3. I know the video is only VGA, but is it good quality at least? Can anyone share some straight off the camera videos? I only managed to find one on the net, and it seemed quite crappy unfortunately...

4. Can anyone share some family/people/pet type photos? Most samples on the net seem to be landscapes and don't seem to help much. And if you do, can you let us know if the given photo was taken on Auto or some other way, and if there's been any photoshopping or not? (She will be using JPGs straight off the camera...)

5. Any tips on where to get it from at a good price? Ebay prices seem to hover around the US$330-360 mark...

Thanks a lot for reading this far

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