About bit-depth and ISOless, wall of text.

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Re: About bit-depth and ISOless, wall of text.

Peksu wrote:

mosswings wrote:

The thing that has always bugged me about the concept of an ISOless sensor is that it apparently presumes that the dynamic range necessary to encode the image is greater than the dynamic range at the highest analog-gain-determined ISO.

Maybe I'm got it all wrong, but there still is a reason for turning the ISO down on an "ISOless" imaging chain; getting more dynamic range for scenes

Aren't you getting it backwards, the idea is never to turn the ISO up, i.e. you would be shooting at base ISO, always, with the maximum dynamic range the camera can capture. Not at the ISO 1600 (or whatever), that would be overexposing, not underexposing.

I think I'm (poorly) actually arguing something else: that ISOless operation implies that the rendering never needs more DR than that which occurs at the highest analog-determined ISO. But maybe it was very late and my mind very foggy when I posted.

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