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Re: An analogy of the buggy whip manufactures...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Doug Gabler wrote:

Well I got my check for $14 to close out my Kodak Stock Ownership Plan today. Mind you I only had about $1000 in it at max it sort of brings home the reality of my retirement investments. I remember one of those classes they sent me to where they talked about shifting our paradigms. An analogy of the buggy whip manufactures were no longer in business due to the lack of buggies was used.

That analogy always keeps coming up. I think business professors know it's wrong, and deliberately use it as a joke, to see if anyone catches on.

No, it's just because "marketing myopia" is required reading in almost every business school. That one used the buggy whip as an example of marketing myopia in the past, and used a modern example (for 1960) to demonstrate his lack of marketing myopia.

The modern example was that oil was yesterday's technology, soon to be replaced by fuel cells. 52 years later, we're still waiting for fuel-cell powered cars.

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