D800 with 35mm smayang....Any good for serious landscape work?

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Re: D800 with 35mm smayang....Any good for serious landscape work?

fstop01 wrote:

DXO Mark puts the resolution at 65lp/mm. Why is there such a large discrepancy between the resolution test results from DXO and LENSTIP? Which camera did LENSTIP use to perform the resolution test?

Resolution tests done in the digital age are not compatible with each other at all.

MTF-diagrams taken on an optical bench and then citing 50%, 20% and 10% contrast values (MTF50, MTF20, MTF10) was meaningful.

In the digital age, everybody only cites the less meaningful MTF50 value from a digital image which has seen AA filtering, rasterization, demosaicing and worst of all, sharpening. The figures are ~80% due to the latter and only ~20% lens related. E.g., photozone.de uses the most aggressive sharpening leading to largest MTF50 figures for a given sensor resolution.

But all of this is of little importance. At F/11, virtually all SLR lenses are diffraction-limited already. Only exception may be corners from UWA lenses.

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