5DII to M9 In need of urgent help with lenses

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Re: Get the 35/14

My sincere thanks to you for the great wright up and many excellent advices!!

The 35/1.4 could really be my only lens, as the X100/ 35 (23mm) Fujinon has been for a year now.

Specialty lenses for 10-20% of my pics:

The 18 or 21mm is for architecture, cramped places, inside churches and for landscape.
The 90mm is for some general extra reach and portraits.

80% or more of the time will use the 35 Lux.

  • I am now 100% decided on 35 Lux and 90 Cron.

  • I can't make up my mind between the two ultra wides 18mm and 21mm, any suggestions here?

  • One last question on the 20 Cron. How does the 28 Cron compare in contrast to the 35 Lux?

For Indoor and outdoor sports and for nature I will get a Nikon DSLR, a 70-200/2.8 and a longer tele for wildlife/birds.

Tanks again for your time

Happy Easter

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