5DII to M9 In need of urgent help with lenses

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Re: 5DII to M9 In need of urgent help with lenses

SphericalAberration, thanks for the good advice.

I agree the 28 Cron and 50 Lux combo is good balanced kit of most used focals.

My logics is to have as few lenses as possible and having the 35 Lux as the only main lens and adding a 90 tele and a 21 wide or a 18 wide will be a good 3 lens set up.

The 35 Lux can substitute the 28 Cron and the 50 Lux in focals, but can the 35 Lux substitute 28 and 50 in rendering styles too? Will I miss anything other than focal lenghs? Drawing style and colors of the 28 Cron, or exceptional clarity of the 50 Lux?

This will end with me having 5 lenses
One wide 18mm or 21mm
One tele 90mm
28 Cron for the rendering and FL
50 Lux for potraits and fast lens
35 Lux as main lens and fast lens
5 lenses? This is one lens to many!

The 50 Lux is not available and this will be the deciding factor as I need it in two months time.
I can crop the 35 to the 50.
The 28 Cron is to near the 35 Lux.

Leading me to the conclusion:

The 21 Super Elmar, 35 Lux and 90 Cron is my 3 lens best combo for this family vacations to Hawaii. Only the 90 Cron is hard to find at this moment.

Any comments on my choice of lenses? Is my reasoning ok?

Happy Easter

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