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Re: Living with the 5D!

ianbrown wrote:

Hi Jamie

I had thought about the MFT and the OM-D but just not sure their range of zoom lenses are that great in terms of IQ? NEX 7 looks a good option but again lacks high quality lens options apart from Ziess 24mm.

Agreed - and if you want modern conveniences (AF and aperture control) then you don't want to go for converted lenses...

The lenses are great for the weight - but I think you're right - zooms seem to be where SLRs still win.

The XPRO 1 looked a good option but I used to own a X100 and found it tricky!!!!

I wanted to love the X100 - but I just couldn't even like it enough to buy - I'm hoping that the XPRO 1 will be a different beast but I'll wait a while to see how it goes - I really liked the Fujifilm DSLR range but felt abandoned after the S5Pro was just dropped.

At the moment I think 5DMKii and 24-105 £2250 and 70-200 f4 IS are at the top of my list, however lack of built in flash and a 3 year old camera is just holding me back

I don't have any experience of the 24-105 but I've already decided after a few weeks of ownership that the 70-200 is a great lens and for me lack of pop up isn't an issue - I have only ever used it to be a wireless master on Nikon and Fuji bodies. You can always add the 270 EXII which will be small enough to effectively act as a pop up (but I don't think you can control remote ones with that on the 5d2).

As for age, all the testing seems to point to the sensor not having changed significantly between the 5d2 and 5d3 so I wouldn't worry about the age of the camera if you're happy using it and you obviously have experience if your other photos were taken with it.

It does seem like you've made your mind up though, I guess that the 5D3 was just a step too far on the price front? If so get the 5D2 and if you decide you are happy to have the 5D3 again later sell the 5D2 and get one - I would guess that the 5D3 will have dropped in price then too - so you effectively have a low cost (or free depending on prices) long term rental with the 5D2. I think once you take the plunge and buy the kit you'll be absorbed in maximising it and will quickly forget that it's not the latest anyway (especially if you can pry yourself from this forum!!)

You're not alone though - I want the Canon choice of lenses and accessories, Nikon high end AF (this might change when I try the latest Canon version) and high ISO quality, Leica ergonomics and manual focus abilities, a range finder screen that can change to TTL when I want to use long or short lenses with the DR of the old fujifilm sensors and their jpeg output too, plus the resolution of a high end phase One back all in a package that is no bigger than my phone!

Image quality, adaptability and cost are winning for me at the moment though.

Good luck anyway!

The above shots were taken with 7D and 5DMKII


JamieTux wrote:

That's a great set of images Ian. Out of curiosity what camera(s) did you take them with?

I can see why you want an SLR though - they are probably the most versatile cameras.

I genuinely think that you could get the same results with the top Panasonic or Olympus m4/3s though - and they will take a lot less room and weight. The Sony Nex system might be a good compromise too - but the lenses seem disproportionately large to me, once you've gone above a couple of lenses in your bag may as well be carrying a DSLR as the body is not really the space or weight drainer then.

I went down this route with a Leica M9 but I was unlucky enough to use 2 bodies that both erased memory cards.

The important thing is to know the limitations and know that you will be OK with them!

So my decision there was losing AF for fast changing situations, less available focal lengths of lens and no macro. But as I don't shoot sports professionally I decided that M9 plus m4/3s was enough for me.

I have always thought that no one camera will be perfect - and actually the more expensive they get the more the shortcomings jump out at you as you don't feel like they should be there! If you want a reality check at any time just go play with some medium format gear and look at the price tags, that's always a good way to help me get over seeing flaws in smaller format kit!

Of course now that I am back on SLRs the m4/3 has taken a back seat again and I don't mind the weight as much knowing that I will actually get my images at the end of the day.

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