Pentax will price themselves out of the market

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Re: Pentax will price themselves out of the market

I have read many times that the US pricing was somewhat cheaper then the rest of the world and a lot of people ordered from B&H or Adorama.

Anyway, if the US pricing is just getting in line with the rest of the world, that's good for the local dealers everywhere and give them incentive to carry Pentax (higher profit margin) and better sells (sell shift from the online store).

Anyway I saw the increment of some DA* (with SDM) are very high. I think they are developed under the Hoya tenor?? Meaning they have to pay Hoya for each of those lens they sold?? Actually that's good news because all those developed by Hoya will be replaced in the future with new designs and with all the complaints about their SDM failure?? That's good news too.

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