5DII to M9 In need of urgent help with lenses

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Re: 5DII to M9 In need of urgent help with lenses

Thanks for your advice Gerigo,

3 good reasons why I want a small lens set all at once:
My son is growing up fast

My family is planning for a vacation once in a lifetime to Hawaii in june this summer.

I asked before at this camera store and was told that waiting time for luxes was 6 months to one year.
Same store told me that waiting time for Cron 28 and Cron 35 4-6 months.

This was why until yesterday I had given up on getting any Leica lens or camera for this year and instead was ready to by a Nikon D800E and Zeiss 21/2.8, Zeiss 35/2.0, Zeiss 100/2.0, Nikkor 70-200/2.8. A lot heavier and bulkier and the D800E is made for AF, manual focus of Zeiss is not fast.

I prefer having full control setting fucus, iso, time and aperture. I have used Leicas but that was 3o years ago. I need to know what you think of the lenses in my list.

I can imagen that the 28 con will be good getting the rich colors of Hawaii greens, reds and breaking see against red hot lava pouring in to the sea.

I have seen some pics at Fred miranda can a 35 Lux give the same contrasty look of the 35 cron?

This is my state of decision, as you see only 90 cron is 100% decided.

18 Super Elmar 70% decided (Better for architecture?)

21 Super Elmar 80% decided (Is it even better corrected than the 18?)

28 Cron (Are the colors richer in this 28 Cron compared to 35 Lux? How is the micro contrast?)

35 Cron 50% decided

35 Lux 90% decided (I need at lest 1 fast lens and 35 and 50 are both favorites.)

50 Lux 50% decided (Would love to have this lens but it is not to be found anywhere and have endless waiting time.)

90 Cron 100% decided.

This the fist time ever that I have seen any store here having a 35 Lux in the store.

Estimations of my six most used and favorite Canon lenses last year, in order of use:
35% = 35/1.4L
30% = 50/1.4
20% = 70-200/4.0L IS
8% = 16-35/2.8L II (Architecture and some landscape)
4% = 400/5.6L (Wildlife)
3% = 135/2.0L (Used for indoor sports)

Best Regards

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