Sony A580 vs. Sony A57

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Re: Why not check the Studio Scene Comparison in the a57 Preview here...

tbcass wrote:

phototherapy wrote:

What I see here is that the A57 has better detail then the A580 at ISO 1600, the 5N is still better, but to me it's clear the A57 has made progress over the A55 and better then the A580 IMO.

Or, as is more likely, the feather is out of focus in the A580 photo. If you look carefully at all parts of all the photos you will see inconsistencies in the focusing between shots and cameras. A single studio shot is not a reliable way to compare IQ between 2 cameras.

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mmm. the majority of reviews still say the a580 has the best IQ of any sony APSC camera. it cant do other things as well of course, but per pixel and at low light, its still the best.

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