D800 with only 2 lenses combination

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Re: D800 with only 2 lenses combination

For traveling and vacations lightweight is important, very important.* What you need is a "walk around" lens. The 24-70mm is excellent. Many swear by the 24-120mm VR f/4. I have the 16-85mm VR on my D7000 and it is glued on the front of that DX camera. I traveled to Europe last year and went with only that one lens and didn't really ever need anything else. The 24-120mm is roughly similar.

Having VR for traveling where you shoot hand-held is VERY useful, so look carefully at the 24-120mm f/4 VR. Being able to crank up the ISO +VR would be a great combo particularly for those indoor shots without flash. Ultimately you need to choose between uber high quality and convenience/ease of use. Usually for travel/vacation/family usage the one-lens "do it all" can be a solid choice.

For 24-120mm, does it have a good bokeh as compare to 24-70mm? Any snap shot of yours as example? I do put 24-120 into consideration as well.

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