Sigma 19mm EX DN and 30mm EX DN

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Re: size and focal legnth nex, but glad sigma are in.

I've seen this comment made a lot and I really don't agree.... well, the part about them being large I understand, but lost focal lengths? Granted they don't conform to the standards set by 35mm systems (24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm), but look at the panny 20mm. Is it a lost focal length? I believe one could say unequivocally that it's THE most popular lens for the m43 system, and for good reason. It's made for environmental portraiture (read: candid snapshots). It may not be a perfect focal length for head shots, but something in...say...the 30mm range would be pretty good for that.

Traditionally a 50mm was popular as a do-it-all lens because it could do a decent portrait and it could do a decent snapshot with a little bit of context, but both applications were compromises. I think if you consider that you can have the 19mm for considerably less $$ than the panny 20mm and have a lens that's probably just as sharp, focuses faster, focuses closer and has nicer bokeh, OR you can get both the 19 and the 30 for considerably less $$ than the panny 25mm and get very good performance at two focal lengths that are better suited to two separate functions instead of superb performance at a single compromise focal length. I think either way they sound like smart buys.

Edit: I absolutely agree that sigma's next step should be to start filling some of the gaps in the telephoto end of the m43 prime line-up. I'd also like to see something competing with the oly 12mm and the slr magic 12mm at the wide end. I think both these lenses are overpriced.

Camp Freddy wrote:

I.thin these are lost focal lengths and big lenses . but it is really encouraging that sigma are adapting fast primes. A fast 100, 150 or200 at a good.price.could trump the high margin offerings from panaleicaoly.

On a technical.note, do these lenses project a to.mft or are they using a final.element ? If the former.then we.may expect a stream of.lenses from nex_anikanon, by sigma which have the cruddy edges and perform better in mft ( a little.tongue on cheek on this one )
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