Best camera for astrophotography

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Re: Best camera for astrophotography

Yes. I used the C8 aligned on the pole with the 5DII and Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens at f/2.8 with shutter open for 3 min. I took 10 exposures then 10 more for 3 min with the lens cap on. These dark frames and the light frames were stacked in Deep Sky Stacker (free at least for the PC). The dark frames help get rid of noise.

The blurring of clouds and foreground is because of the tracking and the longer exposure needed to get a good photo of the Milky Way. All shots for the long exposures were done for single exposures lasting 2 or3 min as stated in the captions. It is a trade off between enough exposure and noise. The longer one can expose (in my situation about 3 min) the more signal one gets. Of course noise goes up but most of that can be handled by dark frames and post-process noise reduction.

I'll try to remember the doughnuts in Miami, OK but I don't think I go near there on the way to Kenton, OK where the Okie-Tex Star Party is.


lee_b wrote:

nice shots, don. so in your photos you DID track for 2-3min, yes? did you stack shorter subs or are they single 2-3 min? i notice slight blurring in the clouds and foreground shots but was wondering if single exposures were "shorter". did you dark subtract the frames or just leave them uncalibrated?

p.s. if you ever drive by Miami, OK, stop in the town and find the best donut shop in America

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