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Re: I think I answered my question

Markr041 wrote:

Fair enough, but cameras like these are for shooting on the go and not with tripods - and no camera should be panned!

We look forward to your assessment of the 3D1.

I totally agree with Mark. The video quality from the W3 is a disappointment.
It seems even worse direct from the camera to TV than when rendered to AVCHD.

I have the W3, the Bloggie, the SDT750 and now, the 3D1. The W3's wide io makes it very tricky to use for video, in all but long shots.

Of them all, for me, the 3D1 wins hands down for video, and for its price produces excellent video that has good color, definition, , and sufficient 3D depth to look natural on screen. The video stabilization is an absolute joy, and hand-held shots, with just a modicum of care can look as if they were taken using a tripod.

I find a great use for the W3 is to add some 'deep 3D' stills into my videos where its 75mm io can be put to good use.
One of each ( 3D1 and W3 ) make a great team.

The Bloggie also takes much better ( really good even ) video than the W3 but it is more digital looking than the smooth video from the 3D1.

The Panasonic SDT750 is a stunning 2D camcorder, but its io of 10mm is not good for general 3D video taking, lacking depth. However it is good for close-up work and even blowing up its picture ( removing the black borders ) to fill full screen, still produces excellent and smooth video picture quality which looks far better on screen than the video from the W3. Maybe one day Fujifilm will address some of the issues with its video, a W5 model perhaps, with a narrower io suitable for decent 3D stills and video, plus stabilization and a regular mp4 format.

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