Fuji X-pro1 or NEX 7 which is really better? A consensus?

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Re: thanks everyone , my recommendation to my friend.....

Jefftan wrote:

would be NEX 7 With Zeiss

it is clear a consensus has not been formed about which is better but my personal recommendation to my friend would be NEX 7 with Zeiss
Here are my reasons
1 I don't know Fuji color but I like my 5N standard color very much
2 The most important deciding point is the extra resolution
If you guys can kindly check out this site


Fuji has some of the best colours in the industry

what is interesting here is that this comparison is done " upsize the X-Pro 1's jpgs to the same size as the NEX-7"

If you compare the ISO 200 pic, it is quite obvious to me that NEX 7 Has more detail. NEX 7 also have ISO 100 which should be even better

It is my personal belief that high ISO ability is important but what is more important is IQ at lowest ISO In the best case scenario

This is what define a good camera not how well it does at ISO 6400 but what IQ can be achieve at base ISO

So to me NEX 7 is the winner. I know all the talk about high megapixel useless. I don't buy that and most don't just look at the sale of NIKON D800. I believe there are more detail in a high resolution image and also room for some digital zoom

More pixels does not always equal better pictures however.....

Again thanks everyone for all your insightful comment. One last reason call me a fanboy, I like SONY as a company more than FUJI. I don't have a favourable impression with FUJI (overprice product, bad autofocus, bad quality control) You guys know the X10 Orb issue? They don't promise a free sensor replacement. Irresposible! SONY is losing money and I wish to support them whenever possible by recommending to my friends and families

misconception alert......The X-Pro1 is no slower in AF than the NEX7. Does this make the Sony AF bad? no likely. Sensor replacement is promised to X10 owners btw. Look up Sony QC on all their products and you'l see that they have a sub-par record as a company. Also, you really think them losing money has nothing to do with producing sub-par products?

I am kind of silly for showing appreciation that they bring 5N to us. This I am 100% sure

There is no better camera in the world for US$700

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