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BHPhotog wrote:

John NA87 wrote:

In Evaluative AF mode, the camera tries to get as many points in focus as possible, and indicates them with all those little green boxes.

So that's the default mode in iAuto+ ?

I have the HX5V and HX100V, so I can speak in generalities that might not exactly apply to your HX9V. iAuto does not allow changing AF/AE modes. To change that you will probably have to select Program or Manual modes. The AF/AE button toggles through the available modes prior to the shot. My HX100V gives an error message if I select AF or AE mode when it's in iAuto. Not all functions are available in all modes.

That may not necessarily be what YOU want to be the point of focus, so another focusing mode called Center AF places a single rectangle in the center that you can aim at the object of your interest. If you press the shutter half-way, the focus point is locked at that distance and you can move the camera around to recompose the scene without altering focus.

But I can't set Center AF mode in advance, correct? So to get that focus box I have to hold down the AF/AE button plus the shutter button half way, correct?

If it's like my Sony's, you must be in Program or Manual mode. Then you can select Center AF ahead of time. You'll get a single box in the center instead of the multiple boxes seen with Evaluative mode.

Tracking Focus lets you lock the focus box on a moving object and the focus point will follow the moving object until it either leaves the frame or you take the picture.

So if somebody moves into a "landscape" scene, or something like a spider moves into a "macro" scene, if I want that person or object to be the focus point, I recompose, get that object in the middle of the scene and then hold down the AF/AE button plus the shutter button ? Thanks for the feedback, John.

Almost. You select the AF/AE mode you want first. Then half-press to lock AF/AE on what's in the box, recompose and shoot.

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