E-M5+25/1.4 or Xpro1+35/1.4

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Re: E-M5+25/1.4 or Xpro1+35/1.4


Second generation X pro should be the one that will fix most of the issues and will eventually live up to the promise.

If AF is important or you are spoiled by the AF speed of DSLRs or latest M43s, Xpro 1 will be a comprise too far. What i can understand from the reviews, Fuji released this product too early may be they got carried away by the success of the X100. From Fuji's point of view it can be the right move to get the proper feed back for the next release which can addresses all the issues. You cannot always have time for solving all the issues. Market will not wait for you. Olympus did the same thing with first and second generation PENs. What worked for Olympus was the price.

Eventually Fuji will improve the AF and MF capabilities. The concept of holding one body and adding lenses will not work with the current version. That makes x100 a better option now if you are just interested in 35.

Now you have few options while waiting for the next generation X pro. EM-5 + 25/1.4, Nex +24/1.8 , X100 , X pro 1 + 35/1.4.

Actually IQ will frustrate you more. The missed shots will haunt you when you know what would have been the result if the AF worked.

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