for the folks that have both the D700 & D800........

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bob clearlight Contributing Member • Posts: 515
Re: for the folks that have both the D700 & D800........

In my experience thus far, the D700 is a do it all, work in any situation body.

The D800 is more demanding. It requires a much higher level of shooting discipline.

When hand holding, I need to pay attention to how steady I am, and to squeeze the shutter oh so gently. Its almost like trying to hand hold a 4x5.

For fast action, I will continue to use the D700. For more thought-out, less spontaneous shots I will use the D800.

The image quality of the D800 is unsurpassed. DR is improved, and the detail captured is truly breathtaking. I have little need to post process, the images come out of the camera just about perfectly, color and contrast is great.

I am still learning how to get the most from the D800.

Two very different animals. Each with its pluses and minuses. IMHO.
A Kodak Brownie can take great shots.

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