Switch to Nikon: worth it?

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Switch to Nikon: worth it?

I am a Canon shooter. I have a 5D with a grip, flash and several L lenses (see sig). In all, nothing extreme, but a significant investment into Canon equipment nonetheless (for me at least).

My 5D (the original one) however is getting a bit long in the tooth 7 years after its introduction, so I am thinking about upgrading later this year. Unfortunately, the logical upgrade, the new 5D mk3 is really failing to impress me. It's like too little a little too late. And it is ridiculously expensive at 3500 euro/dollar for just the body.

On the other hand, there is the Nikon D800, which really is impressing me. Great resolution, maybe a little too much, but very low noise even at high ISO and huge dynamic range. Especially that last thing is important to me. The thing manages 14.4 stops of DR, which is a whopping 6 stops more than my 5D. Given my like of contrasty scenes, this is a big, big plus for me.

Switching brands however means losing money and the more you have invested in lenses, the more you loose.

The idea, should I do this, would be to trade the Canon stuff in, which should get me something in the order of 2000 euro/dollar I think and then get the D800 with the 14-24/f2.8, the 24-120/f4 as walkaround, the grip and a SB910 flash.

Is the D800 really THAT good to make it worth the switch? Or am I completely out of my mind, caught up in gear lust and should take a pill to get my senses back?
Gijs from The Netherlands

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Got the equipment, still looking for talent. Please contact me if you find some cheap.

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