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Re: do you own a 5d3

Based upon this batch of RAW files the 1D-X seems to do better with noise than does 5D3, least to my eyes. Time will tell and time will also tel if other things ar ein motion such as cooking the RAW files, etc. While my gut instincts tell me not to expect too much from Canon as it seems they have hit end of the line with their current technology, I'll wait until 1D-X is released and more RAW files are available for inspection. I know the ones I download and processed via ACR were superbly clean though there was not a lot of detail in any of the photos.

In recent years without question the Sony EXMOR sensors have improved in areas Canon has been static, especially in Canon's relative weakness in shadow recovery. One of my biggest hesitations to consider the 5D3 is because of this. My 7D is a very good body but its lack of shadow performance underwhelms me. The 5D3 seems to be a 7DMkII in many ways but FF. But it also reminds me a a BMW with a VW engine inside. A good engine mind you but not up to BMW caliber performance. Not to say I won't buy it mind you but the sensor doesn't excite me much.

But I think it is too early to declare the 1D-X sensor is sing the same technology as is 5D3 given how clean the recent RAW files look. It may be and it could be Canon is cooking the RAWs but I really hope not. If it is same technology then it will be 4 more years before these upper end bodies get a sensor facelift.

At some point this year I will probably rent 2 of these cameras to see how they work for me ( 1D-X, 5d3, D4, D800). Each brings different things ot the table and side from accurate fast AF i really want ability to shoot clean ISO1600 shots with ability to recover shadows . i'll remain hopeful the 1d-X is using a different technology than is 5D3 even though the camera is very $$$$. I'd prefer not to switch systems after 30+ years with Canon.

kevindar wrote:
Hi tony. do you own a 5d3?
why not enough excitement about 1dx?

1. There are not out there. sure there are a few images posted with no frame of reference or comparison

2. 1dx was announced before 5d3, with samples from canon available before hand. The sensor on the 1dx is of the same tech as 5d3. dont expect any miracles when it comes to dynamic range. If you are expecting amazing high iso performance, look at nikon d700, d800, 3Ds, d4, and compare the images for the same output size in terms of noise. Believe it or not, not a lot has changed, and thats cameras of different generation.

So all the complaining about 5d3, and comparing it to d800, surrounds around two things: resolution and dynamic range.

And guess what: dynamic range is not a pixel peeping problem. Additional dynamic range is very useful for landscape photographers, and to some extent for wedding photographers. the reason d800 keeps on coming up, is that d800 has more DR. simple as that. Cameras dont exist in a vacuum. If the technology is out there, it is useful, and canon does not have it, its a negative. All this talk of getting the exposure right to start with, etc is nice. but shooting landscape, you can bracket shot, which is what I do, but its extra time on the computer, and if you have moving things can make it more difficult, or use a filter, which a lot of times does not work if you dont have a clean line of transition in your exposure. Again, not a pixel peeping issue.

Guess what. if sony, or Nikon came up with technology that allowed you to fix a slightly out of focus image after the fact, would I not complain why canon does not have it? of course every one would come out and say, but a real photographer will get the focus right from the get go, and Many photographers created masterpieces not having auto focus, etc....

As to my first point if do you own a 5d3, I do. Its a phenomenal Camera, with an autofocus which is awesome, improved weather sealing, that shoots 6fps. It is simply the best camera available from canon right now. Its primary weakness remains its limited dynamic range by todays technology.

tony field wrote:

Seems to me that this forum is rather stuck on the D800 and (on occasion) the 5D-III. There seems to be essentially no interest what so ever in the 1DX - even the very good test images posted by David Cheok illicit nothing more than a few passing comments.

IMHO, the canon forum pixel peepers have no interest in Canon high-end cameras and how they perform - if it ain't Nikon it ain't no good no how.

Sad times on DPreview's Canon forum.....

For me, David's samples really encourages me to wait for the 1DX to compliment my 1D-IV, 1D-III, and 5D-II system. IMHO, the 5D-III is only a useful upgrade to the 5D-II and will not bring much to the table - even the focus system (and I shoot a lot of low light theatre, dance, and sports photography with the 5D-II without problem.)

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