Is the autofocus on 5DII that bad???

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Re: Is the autofocus on 5DII that bad???

I have both 5D2 and 5D3 but I rarely shoot landscapes and when I do I tend to use live view. I mostly shoot events, family and wildlife - all of them often with movement.

If you shoot at f/4+ I think you should be ok with 5D2 both center and off-center points. For tracking you'll find that the center point with assist points enabled does a decent job.

For static subjects shooting with apertures around f/1.2 - f/2.8 your keeper rate will decrease significantly using the off-center points, but I wouldn't say they are useless. Paired with the Eg-S focusing screen you'll have a decent chance of checking focus in the viewfinder. The center point is much more reliable for wide apertures, so I often either crop or focus-recompose.

I've mixed feeling about the 50 1.4. It's light and it's very sharp from around f/1.8 but autofocus consistency has been terrible - also with the center point - so I rarely use the lens anymore. Instead I got the 50 1.2 which is heavier, pricier but also much more consistent.

I got the 5D3 mainly because of the AF upgrade especially for wide aperture focus consistency and reliable off-center focus points. I didn't test the 50 1.4 to see if autofocus improved, but with my 85 1.2 II, 50 1.2, 35 1.4 and 24-70 2.8 I do see an improved accuracy and keeper rate for wide apertures. The out-of-focus shots are not eliminated but there is substantial improvement.

Also the ability to set minimum shutter speed for autoiso and using the dof-preview button to switch between single shot and af servo has improved the keeper rate.

Metering has improved, shooting speed has improved, jpeg quality has improved a lot but raw image quality seems to be about the same, auto white balance is "better" (gives more neutral images).

But if you plan only to get the 24-105 with 5D3 I think you will be happier with option 2 which I consider a much more versatile setup.

Have you considered the option to buy a cheaper camera body with crop sensor and spend more on lenses and maybe a flash?

For me the main advantages of a FF compared to crop is the extra low light capabilities and shallow depth of field. If your lenses are all f/4 on FF I think there will be better options on crop - unless you really appreciate the difference between FF and crop for landscapes, that is.

Brgs Zeuthen

Knipser63 wrote:

I have two choices and I'm not quite shure what to do:

1.) 5D Mark III with 24-105

2.) 5D Mark II with 17-40; 50 1,4; and 70-200 4,0

I mainly shoot landscapes (70%), I don't shoot fast sports but sometimes people in motion and my dog (small but fast).

What would you do and why? Is the 5DII as a 4 year old camera outdated?

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