60-250 zoom question?

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Re: Are you at close focus?

Russell Evans wrote:

doak wrote:

Diverging some from the topic... I just looked at the Canon 70-200 f4L non-IS and MSRP is less than $800 and it weighs just a bit more than 700g (w/o hood nor mount).

The 60-250 is now $1999 (was $1299) and weighs 1230g (w/ hood & mount--but only the angle bracket is removable, the ring remains).

They're virtually the same size and have similar feature set. Argh.

If you have time to wait until one hits the used market, the Sigma AF 75-200mm f3.8 is a very good lens. It is sharp wide open, 600g, is about the size of the 50-135mm f2.8, metal lens as it is from around 1987, and AF is fast. It is an older push pull zoom without a zoom lock so that can be an issue. AF is noisy and there is a clunk when the lens hits the end of its focus travel. Filter size is 58mm I think, but I'm using a step down ring on it to 49mm to use the filters I already have. I've paid $88, $33, and $22 for the ones I have bought. On a Pentax camera with SR, it is a really nice solution.

Thank you

Hi Russell, Thanks much for your suggestion, that does look like a nice lens. When I shot film I had a vivitar series 1 70-200 2.8 and don't understand why they are so very much larger today.

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