Sad state of Pentax on this forum

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You need to take a look around dpreview….

by no means think that what you see here is unique - or actually at its worst. Go ahead and take a look. Check out in particular the Fuji non dslr forum (used to be one of the best here at dpreview 5-6 years ago), Olympus DSLR forum and of course the micro four thirds forum.

I am sure if you check the Canikon forum on the D800 talk you will see plenty too.

This is more systematic of what a camera gear forum set is.

There's many people that replied with decorum and politeness. I hope you can see that too.

JNR wrote:

Is our brand on the way out? Half a day ago I ask a couple very basic questions about the performance of the only new Pentax dSLR introduced in many, many months. The thread gets no replies.

A pathetic guy spends literally 10 minutes with Pentax, and swears off the brand forever because he got a defective unit that apparently was tampered merchandise. He's a hopeless cause who gets 94 responses in 10 hours.

Yes, we have a few very helpful people here, and I appreciate that they have stuck around for so long. I don't know if I can be as patient as those relatively few.

It would be great if we could be a little more constructive around here.

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