Ritz Camera now charge tax to California.

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Re: Ritz Camera now charge tax to California.

Scott O wrote:

Currently in California, and many other states, if an online merchant has a physical presence in that state they are required to collect sales tax. In California, this will change in the Fall as I understand a new law will take effect requiring all merchants to collect sales tax on items sold in the state, whether they are physically there or not. The real effect will be to force us to pay more, eliminate the advantage of out-of-state merchants like Amazon, B&H, etc., and increase the competitiveness of local merchants. The glory days of great internet pricing seems to be nearing an end...
Scott Oberle

Increase the competitiveness of best buy yeah, some how I doubt it. What it will do is increase the coffers of state government which will allow them to waste even more money... Where I live, we have fry's, microcenter, etc.. and they are doing fine EVEN with internet competition. Heck, look at target, walmart, costco, Apple stores, etc.. all doing fine even with internet competition.

Government -- the more you give them, the more they waste.

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