Epson 3800 VS 3880 what's the difference?

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I no longer live in a tornado prone area but, when I was a young man (19 - 22) I went to a small college in Emporia, Kansas. That was in the area known as "tornado alley" - so called since its location and topography are well suited for the formation and sustenance of tornados. I saw a few tornados from a relatively safe (10 to 12 miles away) distance but, fortunately, never much closer.

I believe that "playing the odds" (the belief that it will never happen here .. or to me), lack of interest (and knowledge) in building homes more resistant to tornados, and expense are the factors that keep people in those areas from buying "safer" homes. I must add that I may be wrong about the lack of interest. It's probably more a home builder philosophy than a home buyer one. Again, that was back in 1962 to 1965 so I'm sure there are more and more people thinking along the lines of safe construction these days. I suppose it's just a matter of expense and general acceptance of new methods of construction.

Here are two articles that may be of interest to you:


I was impressed by the pictures on this old post.

Something we the Europeans do not understand is why houses are not built of harder materials (brick and mortar) in tornado-prone areas.

Is there a cultural reason? Why are they still built out of wood? Brick and mortar houses would not stand higher winds?


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