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Re: maybe because there have not been any?


From the limited 1D-X files (RAW) available via david, are you seeing a different"signature" ( for lack of better word0 from the 1D-X to suggest perhaps Canon has made a sensor change? I don't normally try to recover shadows from 4 or 5 stops of underexposure but that said my 7D shadow recovery to my eyes is BAD.

The 1D-X files I downloaded from David's website seemed to be superb in the noise category, very much on level with D4 if not better but I also realize other variables come into play such as shadow recovery, DR, etc.

The 5D3 seems to have the standard Canon "signature" to my eyes and I doubt I would be willing to spend $3500 for more of the same even though body wise it looks really nice. I am about to give up on crops sensors even though most of what I shoot are birds. Am tired of dealing with the noise and lack of shadow recovery in Canon world.

If the 1D-X has pulled a rabbit from the hat it could keep me in Canon world.. have been with Canon for 32 years now. The D800 and Sony EXMOR sensrors though are tempting.

If 1d-X sensor though has similar shadow characteristics as does 5D3 it tells me it will be another 4 years or so before Canon has a chance to really change. Thx in advance for your thoughts. John

John Sheehy wrote:

Mikael Risedal wrote:

I have gone through all the raw files and this is by far the cleanest Canon camera I've seen in a long time regarding shadow noise

I didn't measure the absolute strength of the vertical banding, but it can be seen.

The high ISO is of course, similar to or even slightly better than the D4. The 1Dx does not seem to become "ISO-less" until a very high ISO; the 12800 RAW has only about 2.7x the read noise of the 3200, rather than 4x normally expected (unless the metered gray point is different at these two ISOs; hard to tell with completely different shots).

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