X-Pro1, camera with no market. No sports, low light, not small

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Re: X-Pro1, camera with no market. No sports, low light, not small

darkcrocodile wrote:

Before cameras had good af they had Manual focus which was great. Do you want to discuss the x series manual focus?

Sure, we can discuss it. Not much to discuss, since the AF is good enough for almost all photography I do, and if I use zone focus it works just dandy.

Now removing the reliability in auto focus and the useless manual focus, how do you focus if you want shallow depth of field and it is dark?

The kind of subjects the AF is unreliable on won't be easy to shoot in MF with any camera having a shallow DOF, so you're out of luck. You need a good PDAF camera if that's what you want to do, and those aren't available in small form factor yet.

You miss shots, end of the story.

Yep, pretty much no matter the camera, unless you have a PDAF DSLR (and under such circumstances, a lot of those will also miss the shot).

Bees in broad day light are not a problem.

Really now. I thought you said the AF was useless?

The issue is that the x100 is a great reportage camera that cannot be used in such a way.

I use it that way. That you won't spend the effort learning the tool does not make it useless for the task.

I mean if you want to take kitsch pictures of flowers, you might as well get the proper camera to do that.

I completely agree.

All this said, of course I would want better AF and marvelous MF - just like I would want even better low light IQ and an even smaller form factor with an even larger sensor. But for the money, and for what it is, it performs excellently. Sure, I can't take the kind of photos I want of dancers in dark clubs using available light, but since I can't bring a DSLR into those places, I couldn't no matter what camera I had. But I can take pretty much every other kind of photograph I want with the X100, and quite a lot I wouldn't want to bother with as well.


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