P310 vs. P300 and 6 real world samples

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Re: P310 vs. P300 and 6 real world samples

I'm happy to read that!

I owned a p300 for short time and i liked much the fast lens and all the creative featires it had.
I also liked much tue color rendition and the control layout.
But it had 2 big issues:

  • too much smearing of details

  • af often failed.

So,i'm glad to read that the p310 has nr setting (no review told this!!!!)
So i would like to ask you:

  • which other image settings are available?nr,sharpness,hue...?

  • how works the af? Is it good? And in low light?

  • in auto shot is a setting like on the canons to shoot many pics after 10 seconds (and not just 1..)

Thanks very much!

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