What sensor in an FX D400?

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Re: They are fading out the production

At Photokina Nikon will have to show somethings (D4 & D800 will be old news by then), in the next few weeks D3200 will be introduced at 24Mpx.

The D7100 must add something on the D7000 so if you throw in a larger buffers, a full magnesium body, maybe the standard 51p AF and the new 24Mpx sensor tunned for 6-7 fps you'll get the top DX Body that you're looking for, what do D400 DX offer more over the D7100 ? (a dedicate AF-ON ? 1 CF and 1 SD ?) too close.

The D400 will be FX, it's the only logical choice, it's time to have a $2000-2200 FX Body in lineup, The 5DMII is in that range since months ago, Nikon have no choice, even more in Europe where the 5DII is ruling the floor, readly available at €1,800-1,900 tax included everywhere, the D800 is €2,900 and will not be cheap for a long time, D700 is nearly unavailable at 2,100-2,200. After the initial rush the D800 will be too expensive for all but the pros and rich people. the sales will crash down, every people that want one want one just now. I don't see it in backorder in a year at nearly 3,000 euros... and don't see it down at 2,200-2,300 until it'll be discontinued just like the d700.

D400 will be FX, no less. at 24Mpx because it'll be the only choice offer by Sony at that time (winter 2013) , the D3s sensor isn't anymore produced.

If the D7100 will not suited you well you best best will be to await the D7200, can you ?.

The future is FX for DSLR, slowly the FX will be introduced deeper in the lower end, the DX will be the mirrorless' yards.

the people want smaller, lighter good quality camera, just what the mirrorless offer.

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