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John Sheehy wrote:

Birdman7 wrote:

I think since the onset of RAW, photographers became complacent on proper exposure and the forums genrally, began exploring DR and other imaging parameters, whcih I repeat, its NOT a deal-breaker or maker for a lot of professionals when it comes to a top-end camera. They wud prob put more exphasis on speed & reliable AF to get the job done. Most of these top end cameras have more than enough DR and noise control. Just because one does it SLIGHTLY better, dsnt make the other inferior. The camera is just a tool and not the limiting factors, thats the photographers and their skilled (or lack of) hands.

Photography is not about the needs of pros. Pros work for a dumb public.

Neither shud non-pros be so demanding and abusive to one another or rival brands. There are plenty of cameras out there to choose from. I have won comprtitions using a compact camera so it goes to show that even a judge wudnt sit there and examine DR or noise when a photo has impact, im sure u understand.

Having come from the slide film days, i appreciate the need for proper exposure.

There is no such thing as "proper exposure",

There is an ideal one, and as I explained above, and I repeat, that a lot of photographers overlook the art of 'thinking for a correct or appropiate exposure', to achieve or maximise a particular look or effect for subsequent post-processing or not

except in meeting an arbitrary standard, such as there is a proper exposure to get a medium gray subject exposed for a certain ISO exposure index. There is a continuum of weak exposures through strong exposures; strong exposures are ideal, but they are not possible for certain shutter speeds, and certain levels of DOF or the optimum f-stop for sharpness on a given camera. Beyond this primary concern, differences in camera affect the risks or penalties involved in using various camera ISO settings to window the absolute exposure in RAW file's or a JPEG's tonal range. CCDS and digital CMOS like Exmor sensors are allowing more flexibility in choosing the windowing in RAWs. Canon's analog CMOS limits the flexibility quite a bit.

No offence, but if needed a technical reply id have searched the wiki pages, u have to read inbetween the lines of what I said to understand my thinking behind my comment.


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