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Re: magic lantern on the 600D

Thanks I tried your advice, pressing half way the shutter, it didn't work, the camera still loads ML. Now, somewhere on the instruction it says that:

"If you have a bootable SD card and have the BOOTDISK flag set in the camera (which the installer does), and you do not have an AUTOEXEC.BIN file on the card the camera WILL NOT BOOT! It will hang and not wake up until the battery is removed.
If you encounter a "locked up" camera, quickly remove the battery.
When in doubt, remove the battery and reboot.
And, remember that this software can damage or destroy your camera."

That's what scares me. In my mind, this could mean that the camera will not boot unless the SD card with ML is inside the camera! that would render the camera useless if I want to use another SD card which doesn't have ML!

You seem to say that, if I want to use another SD card, I just need to put it inside the camera and boot. Is that right? and that if I put the SD card with ML then the camera will boot and will be able to use ML... is this right? and is it this simple? because... the "remember this can destroy your camera" makes me believe it is dangerous to test it on my own!

TC63 wrote:

Bodhi Dharma Zen wrote:

I just installed this marvel, but I have a question for other users. If I understand correctly, the camera will look for a file in the memory to boot, so it will load the "firmware extension" (to call it someway) of Magic Lantern..

But, what if I need to use another memory? I understand that I will not be able to use Magic Lantern, but.. will the camera work normally?

Yes the camera will load ML from the memory card and one way to NOT load it is to half press the shutter button and hold while powering on your cam.

ML will only work on a memory card that has the software on it and if the card does not have ML on it then it wont . I have a few cards and those with ML I mark it on the card. Your cam will work just fine with other cards
I hope this explains it

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