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photonius wrote:

BetinaHN wrote:

But I found out what was wrong, so I had gotten the settings much better when we got to last Sunday and I had to shoot pics of my daughter at the gymnastics/tumbling show off.

And there I found that a better sensor and better AI Servo would be nice to have.

So now I'm just even more eager to see what 650D has to offer.

ah, ok. sorry, I missed the whole thing in between.

Yes, dark interiors with motion is a big challenge. You need fast lenses and as good as ISO as you can get.

Jep, I know that

If my daughter decides to go more into this gymnastics stuff I will in time get this lens I think: Sigma 50-150mm F2.8 APO EX DC OS HSM

Yes, faster aperture can help. You could also look at Canon's primes.

I know, the zoom gives more flexibility, but those f2.8 zoom lenses, even the 50-150 are rather big and heavy - have you considered that?

Yes, I know they are quite big and heavy, but I think it would annoy my big time to "only" have a prime lens like e.g. the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM because I don't have the opportunity to move a lot around at those show offs. It also lacks IS which I'm quite fond of.

Because even though I was able to be close to the action (I thought I was close...) my 24-70mm just wasn't the right lens, most of the pics were taken between 50 and 70 mm, and 70mm wasn't close enough when I wanted it 95% of the time.
But we'll see what time will bring.

Right now I'm mostly thinking about what lens to put on the 650D as a walk-around... Read that it will come with a new 18-135mm kit lens that should be better than the old one, which I've read a lot of good about, and this new 18-135mm should be made to suit the video function of the camera.

Or maybe I should go with the 15-85mm as was my first choice before I knew abouth the new 18-135mm.

Well, if you wait you for the 650D, maybe you can wait for this new 18-135?

I guess I have to, since the lens is said to be announced together with 650D
I'm just wondering if it's okay IQ wise compared to the 15-85mm.
And that's what I have to wait for and get a better idea of...

"Sigh" - no one said it should be easy to decide.


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