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tessl8d wrote:

Thats great advice Ron thanks ! I'm relatively new to the K5 and also use manual lenses. I have just accessed Catch in focus and the camera now beeps when the subject is in focus. K5 is an endless upwards learning curve........

The camera will always beep when it is in focus. However, when using Catch-in-Focusing, you cannot take an image until it is in focus. If you are in AF-C or M then you can take a picture even if you are not in focus.

Here is something for you. Set up to do Catch-in-Focusing. Put your camera on a tripod and pre-focus where you think a subject will be in the future (for instance: a hummingbird coming in for a landing). Set your menu so that the Power Off = OFF. Set to Continuous shooting. Use a wired remote. Press and lock the wired remote. Now when a hummingbird flies into the pre-focused area the camera will take the image of that hummingbird in flight. It will continue to take images whenever a hummingibird enters the pre-focused area. You don't even have to be there to get the pics. Go take a nap if you want to. The camera will continue to take images until you stop the process or the battery dies.

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