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Thanks all, very helpful indeed. The introduction of fade test into this equasion has just added ANOTHER hurdle in my 'quest' for a .......simple choice..haha!

I had thought on 200years with a bit of mirth, gee if I am around in 30 I will be in no fit state to SEE the pictures let alone appreciate their state of preservation!!

My intuition says Cannon, my wallet says Epson R3000 and rationality says R3880.......Gosh! a fella is just going to have to stew on that one a bit longer.

Playing in the back of my mind is a line from a conversation with the print maker, he said " I was a long time Epson user and just worked around the print head blockages and feed misalignment. Using the Pro 1 was a real revelation and has converted me for life(??) it (the Pro 1) is a dream to use and the results are jaw dropping with the high end Canson papers." each time I think I have a firm sense of direction to go with the R3000, that line replays to haunt and confuse.

This much IS resolved tho. The assistance available in this Forum enables me to move forward with some real world feed back and NOT just advertising hype or paid for comment from privateers writing for magazines. If I want a review to trust I hit dpreview FIRST.
Andrew G

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