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Re: Panasonic 45-175 Again with new TEST RESULTS

Hi again,

Just thought I should do one last set of test shots with my 45-175mm "X" lens on my GH2 with a new subject from my previous shots of a satellite dish - this time the subject is an equally boring window with shutters and cladding as it has lots of straight lines. both camera and lenses are at the latest mode level.

The shots were all taken in JEPG then taken into PS Elements and "Auto Sharpened" as I have the in-camera sharpening turned right down. The shots were taken standing with the camera at eye-level as follows:

1.The first thee shots are with IOS turned OFF at 1/100, 1/160 and 1/250.

2.The second three shots were taken at the same shutter speeds but with IOS ON in Mode 2.

3.The last shot was taken at 1/650 as a control being the slowest shutter speed I would have used in the "Olden-Days" with a FF film camera before IS with a 400mm lens and expected to get reasonable results. I also took a shot at 1/80 and with IOS ON and OFF - they were not too sharp (but no signs of true image doubling) and the one with IOS ON was the best but still not too good as I would expect! I did not bother to publish these two as they uses up my up-load limit to DPR for no good reason.

You can view these shots at full size if you must but they will not look two good at 100% as by definition you can see the individual pixels to some extent.

I find the results quite acceptable for a "Kit Zoom" at the limits of its reach and better than my previous 45-200 and Olympus 40-150 (I had both the 4/3 and m4/3 versions of the 40-150).

One other point I should make is that when buying my 45-175mm "X" I DID compared it to my 45-200 on my G1 and GF1 before deciding to part-ex the lenses and the G1 and GF1 for the two "X" lenses and the GH2. I must admit I was not expecting the "X" lenses to be any worse than the older lenses at the time and I have not been disappointed!
I look forward to your comments.

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