My range was not a range? :)

Started Apr 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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NeroMetalliko Regular Member • Posts: 237
My range was not a range? :)


I'm here to kindly ask your opinion regarding my entry "Cableway_station" placed 6th in the "Mountain ranges" challenge.

This was my first challenge and I'm overall satisfied to have reached a place in the top 10, given that, my simple question to tou is:

do you think that the image could be able to reach a even higher place in a different themed challenge?

I realized that probably in some way this photo was not perfectly matching the challenge theme
(because it's not really a wide "Mountain range" shot, but a more zoomed one)
and maybe this aspect could have penalized my entry in the final rank.

So, let me know your thinking,

any comment/suggestion is welcome and will obviously help me improving my knowledge and experience,
many thanks in advance for the attention,


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