Walk around zoom for crop and FF

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Walk around zoom for crop and FF

Well, after much shopping around finally jumped at a second body that I was researching here, http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1032&message=40660207 Ended up snagging a really good condition 1Ds mk1 locally with low shutter count and all the original accessories, plus extra battery. Been having fun learning the 1D system compared to my 60D and testing it with my lenses. Really plan to put it through it's paces during a trip later this month.

Now on to the question. I've been mostly leaning towards primes over the last couple years as I have built my lens collection. Very happy with what I have, but haven't got around to adding a general use walk around lens. Here is are the lenses I currently have, from wide to tele.

24mm TS-E(mark I)
35mm f2
50mm f1.8(mark I)
100mm f2.8 macro(non-L)
70-200 f4L(non-IS)

Of these, the only one I'm considering selling is the 100mm to move up to the L version.(love my current lens, but IS is really tempting) They give me a nice range of focal lengths but I've had more than one occasion where I've gone out with the 35/50/100 on my body and had it spend half the time in the bag because it didn't cover enough range. Back when I just had the 60D I was looking at the 17-40mm f4, but already had 2 primes in that range and didn't think 40mm would be enough tele-wise.

Now with the addition of a FF body, it makes finding a zoom more complicated. I want a lens I can use on both bodies, so that eliminates EF-S and equivalent lenses. I know there will be compromises on the ends of the focal lengths, due to crop factor, but I'm fine with that. I may go the classic 24-70 or 24-105 L route, but haven't used either lens. With the 24-105, I would have a bit of cross over with my 70-200. Once again, IS would be nice though. I should add, I primarily shoot landscape and nature photos. My current lenses work well in this regard. A walk around lens would be a more general use for events and gatherings, but be able to shoot landscape/nature in a pinch.

Curious to hear from those who shoot with both FF and crop bodies on what you use for walk around lenses. I would like to know what you've run into with picking a lens and if you ended up changing it because you couldn't stand the compromises.

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