The madness, D700/D800 - time to step back and take a breath!

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The madness, D700/D800 - time to step back and take a breath!

I don't post on here often, but I think it is now time to say something!

I am really amazed at all the hype here lately over the new cameras that have recently come out. The D800, D4, Fuji X-Pro 1. It seems to be that intelligent people drop their common sense and think that unless they buy the latest incarnation, then any photos they take from now on will be total rubbish.

For example - one clown on here recently (thank goodness it looks as if they removed his thread), claimed that D700 photos look like 'monkey puke' now that the new D800 has arrived. What a load of hogs-wash! Does that mean that all the beautiful pic's that have ever been taken on a D700 (wedding pic's, winners of international contests, those printed in books and advertising brochures), are now not worth a head of beans because some whiz-bang new gadget - that may only be 10% better - has now arrived on the market?

I am in the middle of a 6 month trip around Asia, taking photos for my website. I exclusively use a D700 with 80-200 2.8 IFED, and a Fuji-Film X100, for all of my pic's. I have no intentions of trading them in and wasting all that money, on the latest incarnation. My cameras were awesome when they came out, and still are. They fulfill all of my parameters as a photographer, and will for a long time to come. When they don't - then it is time to change.

I really hate it when we feed this mentality of built/in/obsolescence. All it does is makes us unhappy and never satisfied with what we have (this can roll over into relationships, family and self-worth), and makes the big companies even richer.

I suggest we just enjoy the cameras we have. Use the time you would stressing over the latest models, to get out and take more pic's. We live in a beautiful world, spend the time you have capturing it. If your cameras are meeting your needs (wedding photographer, photo journalist, hobbyist etc), then don't worry over the latest creations. When you need a new camera you will know it, when the time comes.


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