Love my A77... but the lens selection is weak

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Re: Love my A77... but the lens selection is weak

Hi, yes, if you break it down into segments Sony has some strong and sweet spots. I was just referring to over all... canon and nikon take their lenses a little more seriously. And I think the NEX is working against us on the Alpha side. Consider the effort and time that is going into releasing all the NEX lenses and next year they will release even more NEX lenses. They are probably pushing Alpha lenses onto the back burner. Hope I am wrong because if the 1650 is a hint of things to come, then I'm dying from anticipation. The 1650 is really just an amazing lens, I get beautiful images with it. And the weather proof feature is a big deal outdoors in Asia. If the 18250 was weather proof and upgraded a bit to match the 1650 in image quality, maybe extend it to 270, that would be a beautiful lens to own. Then take the 70300G, and weather proof, enhance it's technical capabilities so that nobody can compete with it, and again... great great lens. The rest of the DT are just fine, but need weather proofing to match the bodies and expand the usefulness of the lenses. Just my two cents, I'm sure all of us Sony users would love more of a lens selection.

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