Best One lens lens for a D800e

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Re: D800e and Kit Lens don't go together

Thanks for that, you are bang on the money, i am more than a little confused about the field of view thing, but i am sure i will be able to figure out which lenses are great for me using the 24-70, yea my ideal one lens thing on the 60d would have been 10-100, but i can see that a full frame sensor lens like that probably wont appear in my lifetime, i only had the canon for a few months, and had a 10-22 and a 18-200 with it, i am keen to make some money from photography and live in an area that i feel will support any endeavours of a reasonable calibre, i will use the 24-70 for panorama's, i have purchased a Panosaurus attachment, it is so easy these days to accomplish difficult tasks, doing a collage in the darkroom was really tricky, the cover of a Pink Floyd album had a collage on it with a big tree, it took the guy a week to do, i read at the time, these days it would take a few hours, once again thanks for the info and i am sure that anyone else in the forum moving to full frame sensor would glean something as well.
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