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Re: Trip to Ireland

We were over in 2007 and then again last year. We enjoyed amazing weather both trips so if anyone else is contemplating a trip over, go during the American April school holidays. (Kidding--we were just lucky twice.) But just in case, a hooded, fleece-lined raincoat is helpful as it could be 50s and raining, even in June. Temperatures for one ten day trip in mid-May ranged from 70+ degrees F to morning frost on the windshield.

I pulled several of my favorite photos from the 2007 trip into iPhoto to check the focal length. Quite a few of them were at 18 and would have benefited from an even wider lens. I don't own a wide lens so I cannot begin to suggest what you might want to obtain, but the scenery both indoors and out of doors is stunning. I am a very beginning photographer and only stumbled across this very helpful forum while struggling with indoor high school swimming photos this winter.

I had my old D70 with its kit lens with me in 2007 (18-70) and it appears I had the old, inexpensive 70-300 lens from my even older film camera. I must have never used it as I only found one of my favorite shots using the 70-300. The rest were shot with the 18-70. I could definitely have used more reach than 70 and would have obtained some interesting photos if I had had a wider lens with me.

I have attached a few photos here that were all taken at 18. No comments on photos please! Knowing myself, they were probably all shot on the Auto setting. (Indoor swimming forced me to abandon the Auto setting.) Assuming they load in the sequence I expect, the first was taken at Rock of Cashel in Tipperary, the second at Kilmainham Goal in Dublin and the last at my mother's church in Leitrim.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful vacation. Am assuming you have rented a car already and know the ins and outs of the manual vs automatic and the insurance. If not, send me a message and I am happy to share my notes. GPS is really useful and can be added to your own GPS before you leave home. Noreen

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