Best camera for astrophotography

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Re: Best camera for astrophotography

I have taken some photos using the Mark II at Okie-tex Star Party. Most of the particulars for taking the photos are in the actions. See:


alfas wrote:

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i'm curious why someone would spend 5D kind of money on a DSLR for astro. why not spend the same money on a TEC cooled OSC astro-specific camera. the only thing i can think is you want the larger sensor size (which in astro cameras then starts to get 2x the price of a 5D)

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Because you cannot go hiking or camping in a mountain with a CCD that requires a laptop to turn it on and take pictures. Oh, that requires a 7 pound battery to turn it all on by the way. (I mean you can if you take together a camel to carry everithing for you).

I am not looking for a telescope based camera, it will work with really wide lens for milky way landscape night shots.

click here for bigger size:

This shot took me 1 hour to get with the 1000D to stack a lot of pictures to reduce noise. I am sure I could have done it with a single exposure of 1 minute with a mkII with a vastly improved IQ.

Pictures like these you can only take in dark skies that means travelling for me. Sorry but I wont take a 12amp h battery to run a laptop to run a ccd to take wide field pictures like this.

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landscape and astrophotography

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