There is NO Light leak to the sensor nor does it affect exposure in real life.

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laueddy Contributing Member • Posts: 793
There is NO Light leak to the sensor nor does it affect exposure in real life.

I think I did the test a little further. The leak doesn't seem to actually put any light on the sensor, but affect the metering instead. The following is what I did.


With the lens cap on M mode ISO25600 f/22 15s. f/22 is to minimize light coming into the sensor from the front. I then take 1 picture with the LCD cover, and 1 with the LCD not covered. Check image through the historgram, you get identical image. At this point I worry that this can cause a problem to my daily shooting, since the exposure metering can be a inaccurate. So here comes test#2


Take picture in bright sunlight ISO100 f/2, meter stays the same regardless of rather I block the LCD or not.

That says, the metering error is probably not affect anyone in real life shooting, because the amount of light coming into the light meter throught the lens easily over power the error. It's not like you are going to have bright sun hitting the LCD while you taking picture of a dark cave everyday.

Test#3 (Like the cave situation above)

Take picture inside my room with and without the sun hitting the LCD. The room is at 8EV, while the sun is at 15EV. The meter stays the same as well.

Therefore In situation where you are taking picture during the night where the lens is seeing something very dark, while you are inside a bright room. You still wouldn't cause any error with at least 7 stops of light.

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