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Maybe it is a red herring "usually"

bronxbombers wrote:

Birdman7 wrote:

Their clients dont norm zoom into raw files, upscale, lift shadows or look for banding or noise patterns because most GOOD professionals know what exposure to use instinctly.

really good shooters know that that is a red herrinng

the problem is not with knowing how to exposure properly, how many times does that need to be said?

do you seriously think all the people mention banding and DR just because they don't know how to expose or because they believe setting a proper exposure doesn't matter???

I think the real problem of DR / banding is really related to what your have to work with in demanding situations. Certainly the D800 is exceptional in these areas - the Canon 5D-II and 5D-III certainly take the rear seat - but, IMHO, that seat is very comfortable on the whole for most work.

None the less, it is still a "red herring" in the sense that, if you know your camera performance, that you will seldom experience the DR / banding issue. I shoot a lot of low light work (ISO 6400, F1.4, 1/250 sec) and find the 5D-II is excellent indeed with no practical ill effect of banding for web or print display - even if I have to push the shadows 2 stops (but cannot go three - that reminds me... I have to find my old FFT noise reducer on the internet - one nice way to reduce banding/pattern issues).

Even the poor af performance of the 5D-II can be worked around, with some skill, and have no problems shooting dance in low light - and also shoot daylight "reasonably fast" sports such as show jumping with excellent results.

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