My Xpro1 just died, sorta...

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Re: Just don't let the iPad delete photos from your card and you'll be fine

JCP_76 wrote:

iPad won't see any pictures on the card if you do that.

In summary, the whole Fuji to iPad interface is fubar.

Not true. I do it all the time. The ipad will see the files. Been doing it for a year now with the x100, and doing it now with the XPro-1. Locking the card becomes second nature b4 inserting into ipad. If you forget to unlock b4 re- inserting in camera, the camera will display a locked card warning as soon as you turn it on.

Its the all controlling Apple thats fubar. They put some effin files on the root directory as soon as you insert a card into the ipad. When you insert the card back in the camera its these files that the fuji sees, and tries to read, and that s what causing the lock up or sluggish performance.

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