Will the X10 become a good camera?

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Re: Will the X10 become a good camera?

I own the X10 for about 5 weeks. In fact, there are pros an cons.

Pros: very speedy, as fast as my D300, and the manual zoom is much much much faster than any motoriced zoom. The IQ is prity good, the best of any compact I have owned (inkl. LX5 and S90). The orbs are not realy a problem, exept you shot very often from your tripod in dark areas with low iso. The IQ in high iso is very good, so you can do many pics without a tripod.

Cons: The difference between the image you can see in your viewfinder and the image the sensor sees is very big at short distances. And if you focus in the center the center of the sensor ins not the center of the viewfinder. That ist in fact a problem. Unfourtunately there is absolutely no information in the viewfinder. You can see nothing but the view itself. But there is a solution for the problem: If you swith your focus to another modus (in german it is "Mehrfeld") so the cam itself decide on which point to focus (it uses not only the focus-point in the center). The cam does this very well and very fast. And in the meantime I know that the sensor sees only a part of what I see in the viewfinder. You have to test your cam and you have to know how it works especially at this point.

Another thing, that you need getting used to is, that in every mode the cam saves different adjustments. f.e. if you use mode A and have adjusted the flash to a certain modus and you change vom A to S the adjusment of the flash may have changed - it depends on your adjusment at the time, when you have used the S-mode the last time. This concernes all (!) adjustments not only the flasch.

So this cam needs more attention and more time to learn.

But it is a real great cam. I love it!

The automatic-modes are sometimes tricky but they are working well!
In manuela-mode the cam can be used as a digital Classic-Camera.
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