1DX images on fickle Canon forum

Started Apr 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
bronxbombers Forum Pro • Posts: 18,226
maybe because there have not been any?

umm maybe because there haven't been any 1DX RAW images yet....
kinda hard to talk about nothing isn't it?

and $7000 there simply will be many less people who will use the 1DX and thus less comments

tony field wrote:

Seems to me that this forum is rather stuck on the D800 and (on occasion) the 5D-III. There seems to be essentially no interest what so ever in the 1DX - even the very good test images posted by David Cheok illicit nothing more than a few passing comments.

IMHO, the canon forum pixel peepers have no interest in Canon high-end cameras and how they perform - if it ain't Nikon it ain't no good no how.

Sad times on DPreview's Canon forum.....

For me, David's samples really encourages me to wait for the 1DX to compliment my 1D-IV, 1D-III, and 5D-II system. IMHO, the 5D-III is only a useful upgrade to the 5D-II and will not bring much to the table - even the focus system (and I shoot a lot of low light theatre, dance, and sports photography with the 5D-II without problem.)

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