What size SD card do you use?

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I've known people who almost use their large cards (say 32GB) as hard drives, and keep a months+ worth of shots on them without transfer.

despite my constant nagging not to do so, my sister kept storing all her photos on a 16GB card in her sony compact, deleting a previous one to take a new photo once it filled up. one day, something happened with the camera settings and the data was deleted or corrupted or formatted or similar.

My daughter does that too, despite me telling her not to... So far she's been lucky. here's a free recovery program that works with cards and hard drives. I've used it on the failure of a hard drive (that failed immediately as I was in the process of backing it up ;-( ) it works pretty well and it is free. I don't know if it works on RAW from either Panasonic-Oly current cameras ...but it does on older ones, and works with all jpgs. They do update once in a while so worth to check new versions for Raw support. They have another free program not geared specifically for photos, to recover all files, but a little harder to use. For anyone downloading who doesn't speak German, there's a language box in the upper right corner to check.

Like the Joker said: Why so serious?

A photo may be worth a thousand words but it takes up a lot more space on your hard drive.

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